bjorn  I started to build the cabriolet in year 2000. From the beginning it's an A112 junior -83. Almost all sheet metal is changed by reason of rust. There is an new frame in all areas of 40x40x2 mm steelprofiles. The floor is raised 100 mm and have two cross on each sides under seats. The backshutter is shorten about 400 mm and airbars is inserted. The windowframe is strengthen with 3 mm stainless V-profiles. Cabarth have a new engine from Abarth -85, 70 HP, rims is wided 25mm, bumpers, oilpressure/tempmeters, motorbonnet also from Abarth -85. The Cabarth have some more or less nessesary electronic equipment: On the trunk there is an suncellpanel to maintaincharage battery. Safetysysten includes laserbeams cross the compartment and ultrasounddetectors in frontarea. If someone try to steal the car my beeper will "scream" and i can call an receiver connected to the sparkcoil to lock the engine. When a passanger take a seat, the car will speak by a voicecomputer with the words: Autobianchi speeking system, please fasten your seatbelts and get ready to paaaaay. A ledlight on the instrumentpanel would tell if the mobilephone is ringing. The car also includes an soundequipment of 200 W with cd-changer. Next project is highjackers on back. bjorn01 bjorn02 bjorn03
bjorn04 bjorn05